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Here we will talk about remarkable events related to human science. Economy, art, medicine, history, etc. News and data with a high interest for the cannabis world.

  • How to Choose the Best CBD Products
    How to Choose the Best CBD Products
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    Are you searching for the best CBD products? Here are CBD products for sale on the market. Learn the best way to choose and buy CBD. Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the 113 cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. As per research, it may help treat a range of health issues like anxiety, pain, acne, and neurological disorders. It can alleviate symptoms of pain related to cancer treatment. Also, CBD does not make one feel high after its consumption, which is obvious in the case of...

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  • The Future Of Cannabis: Trends To Watch Out For
    The Future Of Cannabis: Trends To Watch Out For
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    The world has moved into the 2020s, and cannabis has moved along with it. With everything evolving, cannabis is becoming more normalized all around the globe. There is increasing evidence about its benefits coming to light, which adds to the popularity and widespread legalization. Today, people from almost every part of the world are using the herb for medicinal and recreational reasons. Are you wondering about the future of cannabis and the trends that shape the industry? Read on and find out.

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  • 7 Ways To Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety With CBD
    7 Ways To Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety With CBD
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    It’s a scary time for everyone. COVID-19 pandemic has devastated major sectors of the economy. The growing number of covid19 cases and death tolls is causing insecurity. The future is uncertain. Many are wondering what’s going to happen next and that’s taking an emotional toll. The situation can be worse if you already have an anxiety disorder. There is no better time to be concerned about your mental health and wellbeing than right now. When it comes to mental illnesses such as anxiety,...

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  • How Is CBD Extract Made?
    How Is CBD Extract Made?
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    In recent years, the rise of natural supplements has been significant. As a result, we have seen a declining percentage of the use of prescribed medications. Several people are aware of cannabidiol and its benefits, but only a few of them want to know how to extract these substances from scratch. CBD is one of the famous natural extracts known for its therapeutic properties and many researched benefits. Have you ever figured out how CBD gets extracted? For a user who is looking forward to...

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  • 5 Benefits of taking Cannabis during Chemotherapy
    5 Benefits of taking Cannabis during Chemotherapy
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    Cancer…!! Sounds scary? Well, it is. But this blog is not about how serious cancer is and what one should do to avoid it. Instead, it's about an integral part of the disease - Chemotherapy. In modern-day medical science, Chemotherapy is inevitable in almost all cancer cases. That's why it's crucial that we discuss it here and now, and combine it with nature's gift that is legal to use in the states - Cannabis.

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  • Top 6 Cannabis Strains For Meditation
    Top 6 Cannabis Strains For Meditation
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    In today's stressful life, one finds it extremely difficult to relax or find peace. However, various studies suggest that meditation is beneficial in such cases. It is one of the best ways to relax and destress oneself. However, the fact that cannabis and meditation go hand in hand is something that most people might not know. Since ancient times, people in various parts of the world have used marijuana for religious and spiritual purposes, especially for helping them in meditation. Cannabis...

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  • Hemp Seed Oil Beneficial for Hair and Scalp
    Hemp Seed Oil Beneficial for Hair and Scalp
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    In the modern world of human wellbeing, the Hemp seed oil is one of the few healing substances that work for a multitude of health problems without any side-effects. This comprehensive medicine, which comes from the Hemp plant, is useful for a host of critical issues including but not limited to GI disorders, dementia, depression, pain, psoriasis, seizure, and even skin infections. All these healthy properties of Hemp seed oil are partly due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature....

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  • The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity
    The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity
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    Cannabis strains have diverse functions in the body. Some are popular with pain-numbing and other medical relief effects while others work to ensure proper relaxation and freedom from stress. Similarly, some strains are quite useful in inducing creativity and clearing your mind so that you can concentrate more on a specific thought or process. If afraid that the deadline is here and you are finding it difficult to concentrate, what you need is some energy boost and the motivation to continue....

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  • Can Cannabis slow down Parkinson's di­sease?
    Can Cannabis slow down Parkinson's di­sease?
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    Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition that progressively affects the entire nervous system. To improve the overall quality of life and manage symptoms, researchers are inclining towards Marijuana. Ever Since the legalization of medical Marijuana across various nations of the world, people are looking out for every bit of information they can get on reaping therapeutic benefits. Researchers believe that active compounds like THC and CBD in Marijuana can help dealing with pain,...

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  • The Benefits of Adding Hemp Seeds To Your Daily Diet
    The Benefits of Adding Hemp Seeds To Your Daily Diet
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    Hemp seeds are quickly disrupting the rankings when it comes to plant-based superfoods. Also known as hemp hearts, they come with several benefits for your body due to their high nutritional value. This explains why hemp-infused foods are increasing in numbers on store shelves and features in various menus. What makes hemp valuable is its high concentration of minerals and vitamins, gives it a rich nutritional profile. There is no doubt that hemp seeds are taking the nutritional industry by...

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  • Vaporizing Vs. Smoking Cannabis: What's the Difference?
    Vaporizing Vs. Smoking Cannabis: What's the Difference?
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    From time immemorial, smoking has always been in a bad light. It didn’t matter whether you were smoking tobacco, marijuana, or other substances. The act itself was enough to have you written off for a long life on earth. After years of research, we now have what experts tout as a safer alternative to smoking – vaping. Ever since vaping came into existence, many have continually marketed it as the silver bullet to the scourge of tobacco smoking. Proponents also argue that vaping helps...

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  • Creative Ideas You Should Try To Cope With Stress: Try CBD Now
    Creative Ideas You Should Try To Cope With Stress: Try CBD Now
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    We are all fully aware of the dangers and implications of letting stress get out of control, but we seem to forget about the fact that no matter how stressed we are feeling, there are always steps we can take to help ourselves experience some relief. Getting creative, even when it’s the last thing on your mind when you are feeling stressed out can offer you the perfect opportunity to take a deep breath and let go of the negative thoughts that are plaguing your mind. When we think of being...

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  • Taking CBD Today, Let Me Count The Ways!
    Taking CBD Today, Let Me Count The Ways!
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    One of the most appealing qualities that CBD has is that it has a wide range of health benefits, as well as a ton of variation with regards to the way it can be taken. A versatile product is so important in this day and age, especially since more people are moving away from the “one size fits all” archaic approach to medicinal practices and flocking towards a personalized, all-natural approach for overcoming emotional and physical illness. Once upon a time, it was generally thought that the...

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  • CBD Gummies for Depression: What You Need to Know
    CBD Gummies for Depression: What You Need to Know
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    CBD or cannabidiol, has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years thanks to its potential health benefits. A growing body of research has quickly highlighted a host of benefits and fields in which CBD could be used, including the treatment of depression. So, can CBD Gummies help with depression? CBD, which is just one of more than 100 compounds that are found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, is quite similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The main difference between the two compounds is that,...

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  • How Medical Cannabis helps in  Treating Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
    How Medical Cannabis helps in Treating Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)
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    With the advent of modernization, the world has hastily made conventions based on its little understanding of a particular scenario. The plant, cannabis sativa is one such example. Known famously as marijuana throughout the world and quite infamous for its demand, it initially started as a medicine. The ancient man valued this plant immensely and used it often as a token of celebration, keeping in mind it's medicinal qualities. However, as science progressed, modernism took over the intellect...

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  • CBD Products: A Beginner's Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts
    CBD Products: A Beginner's Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts
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    Written by Nancy Fernandez - CBD has quickly managed to enter various streams of our everyday lives. With legalization, more stages are trying to understand the various ways by which people can benefit from this magical plant. CBD has natural healing properties that promise to benefit our overall health and wellness. Among the several aplications introducing CBD based products into fitness regimen could be of great aid to fitness enthusiasts. The suplements can be used for getting the...

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  • Cannabinoides ¿La cuenta atrás para el cancer?
    Cannabinoides ¿La cuenta atrás para el cancer?
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    Los últimos meses hemos estado compartiendo el apasionante trabajo de un equipo de científicos españoles basado en el estudio del cannabis y sus aplicaciones a nivel oncológico, o lo que es lo mismo, del cannabis medicinal. Curioseando por la red sobre los cannabinoides encontramos, de casualidad, un vídeo en YouTube donde una mujer, la Dra. Cristina Sánchez, expone en una hora el trabajo de veinte años. Debajo de este artículo puedes encontrar el vídeo del que hablamos. El origen de esta...

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  • The use of cannabis by the military
    The use of cannabis by the military
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    The use of cannabis by the military, estimated at around six percent, has always been linked to marginality and secrecy due to its illegal drug status. Now, with the legalization of recreational consumption, the body can not prohibit the military from using cannabis. Still, there are several commanders who have spoken in this regard and have made it clear that they will want to put more strict barriers and restrictions than the current ones with regard to alcohol.

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  • Cannabis Gastronomy
    Cannabis Gastronomy
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    Day by day more and more cheffs plunge into the taboo pool and offer their clients the opportunity to try menus in which, in some way, there is cannabis.. One of the reasons for the rise of this type of culinary initiatives is that the medical and recreational use of marijuana has been extended by some states of the United States as well as the perception that society has about cannabis thanks to its legalization . And so it has happened with cannabis cooking too, which has consequently made...

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  • This is America and Cannabis
    This is America and Cannabis
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    There has been spoken a lot about the videoclip This is America by Childish Gambino, but little has been talked about one of the most important scenes. The commotion and controversy generated by this new song by Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover around the world is undeniable. Different media have tried to get Donald Glover a quick guide to understand his new composition, but the artist has been quite hermetic at the time of giving no clue to understand this production and pointed out; "I...

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