How Is CBD Extract Made?

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In recent years, the rise of natural supplements has been significant. As a result, we have seen a declining percentage of the use of prescribed medications. Several people are aware of cannabidiol and its benefits, but only a few of them want to know how to extract these substances from scratch. CBD is one of the famous natural extracts known for its therapeutic properties and many researched benefits.

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Have you ever figured out how CBD gets extracted? For a user who is looking forward to gaining education or merely wanting to extract CBD, it is vital to know the ways through which it takes shape from a plant extract to a packaged product. All CBD products, from twisted extracts jelly bomb to CBD vape oils and many more, contain this extract.

There are many methods to make this natural substance’s extract. Read on know more-

  1. CO2 extraction

This method brings the use of supercritical CO2 to extract cannabidiol from the plant matter.

The term supercritical is simply the components of CO2 that are in the form of both gas and liquid. While performing CO2 extraction, several pressurized types of equipment are brought to use to expose carbon dioxide to low temperature and high pressure.

This process leaves CO2 to rise at the top in the chambers and allows the oil extracts to settle at the bottom. Through this process, you will observe a high percentage of CBD. One of the compelling benefits of this method is that it separates CBD from cannabis that can also comprise THC.

  1. Steam Distillation

Through the steam distillation method, you can separate CBD oil from the plant. The extracts of cannabidiol are boiled at various temperatures. It is probably the purest form through which you can extract CBD oil.

All you have to do is, heat the entire mixture slowly so that other unwanted components can boil off. Through distillation, place the plant in a flask with both outlet and inlet. Through an inlet, you can attach the glass container that is right under the flask, which has stored water for boiling purposes. The outlet, however, is connected to a condenser tube. This method allows you to collect cbd oil vancouver vapors.

  1. Winterization

Through this extraction method, you can remove the unwanted components from the oil. To harvest natural extracts of CBD through winterization, freeze the extracted oil after integrating it with alcohol. Leave the entire mixture, as it is, overnight, and filter it the next day.

This process makes you remove irrelevant lipids and compounds. Moreover, alcohol also boils off without causing damage to the oil, as its boiling point is below that of oil.

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