Hemp Seed Oil Beneficial for Hair and Scalp

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In the modern world of human wellbeing, the Hemp seed oil is one of the few healing substances that work for a multitude of health problems without any side-effects. This comprehensive medicine, which comes from the Hemp plant, is useful for a host of critical issues including but not limited to GI disorders, dementia, depression, pain, psoriasis, seizure, and even skin infections. All these healthy properties of Hemp seed oil are partly due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature.

Contrary to popular belief, the Hemp seed oil is distinctively different from canada weed or Marijuana oil- also known as Hash oil. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is cultivated exclusively for industrial and medicinal usage. What also works in Hemp's favor is the presence of a negligible amount of THC, which is a psychoactive compound abundantly found in marijuana. If you are looking for your dose THC, then it is better to order weed online canada that will not only give you its dosage, but CBD dosage too.

What is Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil?

First of all, seeds must be obtained from Hemp that is grown organically. Hemp must be grown in clean soils because it absorbs everything, good or bad. A great example is Chernobyl; Hemp was the plant of choice to clean the soil! This is called phytoremediation and is a very effective method for cleaning toxins from soil. Who knew, right? So hemp seed oil must be organic for maximum benefits.

What Does it Mean When Oil is Cold Pressed?

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To be classified as cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp seeds undergo mechanical extraction at low temperature, not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Cold-pressed oil does not get bleached or chemically cleaned. All sediment is removed via mechanical filtration. This results in a pure, premium quality product that can be used in various ways like cosmetics, hair products, and food, for example.

How Can Hair Benefit from Hemp Seed Oil?

Being loaded with antioxidants, lipids, omegas, and vitamin E makes this a super additive for hair products. Let's go over the possible benefits of each of these naturally occurring ingredients:

  • Omega 3, 6 & 9

A study was conducted in 2015 on the effects of oral omega vitamin supplements on female pattern hair loss. After 6 months on the protocol, the photographic assessment showed a dramatic improvement in hair loss reduction and density. Omega 9, due to it's heavier consistency locks in moisture and 3 and 6 nourish and protect.

Hemp seed oil is rich with Linoleic acid, which is the most prevalent Omega-6. Omega-6 is an essential nutrient which delivers energy to the body. Omega-3 maintains blood circulation and enhances the agility of the body. Omega-9 helps to sustain a healthy state of our skin and hair besides regulating the factors that are responsible for our aging. This trio of fatty acids improves strand strength and elasticity as well. However, the effectiveness of the oil depends on the process of extraction.

Vitamin E

The antioxidant properties in Vitamin E may keep hair follicles healthy as well as moisturize and reduce scaly skin. When your follicles are healthy, it is easier for them to grow healthy hair. This vitamin promotes blood circulation and is also a deep moisturizer, which prevents dry, brittle hair and nourishes the scalp.

  • Stearic acid for cleansing hair and scalp:

Stearic acid is great for removing unnecessary dirt from scalp and hair. It also resists hair-damage and gives a conditioning effect. Moreover, it makes the scalp healthy and soft.

  • Moisturizing properties:

Other than the above positives, Hemp seed oil prevents excessive water absorption in hair, restricts the penetration of some harmful elements into hair-roots, and enhances hair-lubrication.

Is there any difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil?

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The slight difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil often makes buyers confused. While Hemp seed oil comes from extracting Hemp seeds, CBD oil is produced by extracting the substance from Hemp stalks, leaves, flowers, and stem. You can try to extract CBD from your own wholesale cbd flower available at various stores. It is important to remember that CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which is the permissible limit. However, Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and is mainly extracted for the rich fatty acids. On the other hand, CBD oil is the primary source of CBD, a non-psychoactive and valuable compound.

You should keep in mind that both of these variants are effective for your hair and scalp, with a very subtle difference, and you need to choose according to your needs.

Ways to use Hemp seed oil for your hair and scalp:

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  • Hemp seed oil is a great option when it comes to providing regular nourishment to your hair. You can begin by massaging the oil directly on your scalp. Be careful when choosing the oil since different varieties of Hemp seed oil come with varying concentration levels.

  • Another popular way to use Hemp seed oil is to mix it with essential oils like coconut oil or olive oil, which also increases the results.

  • For bald people, you can use the oil by dropping some amount directly on the scalp and gently massaging it all over. The oil will soften the scalp and can cause faster hair growth.

  • Hemp seed oil is also used as a fragrant substance that can check infections from scalp skin and hair.

  • For cases of itchiness and inflammation on scalp-skin, mix Hemp seed oil with Lavender essential oil and coconut oil and apply it on the scalp, preferably before going to bed.

Things to be cautious about:

Like many other herbal products, Hemp seed oil is also strictly for external use. It is wise for children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers not to use this oil without proper medical guidance since the medical verdicts on this oil is still in the pipeline. People who are suffering from cardiac issues, cancer, nerve ailments, or have gone through surgeries recently are better off to seek medical attention before opting for Hemp seed oil.

Another vital thing to remember is that you must check if you are allergic to this oil. For this, you can take a skin test. Unchecked use of Hemp seed oil on your scalp may lead to irritation.

Final words on Hemp seed oil and its benefits for hair and scalp:

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The hemp seed oil contains certain elements such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega fats, fibers, and proteins, which are extremely useful for hair and scalp. It nourishes hair and scalp in various ways. Although we are yet to have enough clinical research on the effectiveness of Hemp seed oil for hair and scalp issues, it has been reported to get rid of scalp issues like eczema, fungal infection, or dermatitis. People who use the oil to address hair and scalp issues have reported that Hemp seed oil stimulates hair growth, provides additional strength to the hair so that it does not fall easily, and also lubricates the hair. Hence, take it more as an experiment for improving your hair and scalp health and always begin with modest dosage.

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