The use of cannabis by the military

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Once the use of recreational cannabis in Canada has been legalized, something that will surely happen before the end of 2018, given that the Senate has already approved the law that regulates it with 52 votes in favor and 30 against, the military corps will be able to consume marijuana from legitimate form as alcohol is consumed today.

The use of cannabis by the military, estimated at around six percent, has always been linked to marginality and secrecy due to its illegal drug status. Now, with the legalization of recreational consumption, the body can not prohibit the military from using cannabis. Still, there are several commanders who have spoken in this regard and have made it clear that they will want to put more strict barriers and restrictions than the current ones with regard to alcohol.

"I firmly believe that Canadians expect our operational readiness, in addition, our ability to do our work should never be compromised," said the head of military personnel in this regard.

It is clear that when the new law comes, they will not be able to prohibit soldiers who use cannabis. Alcohol is currently under restrictions of consumption and total prohibition when it comes to missions abroad.

In fact, there are some pressure groups in the army that advocate completely forbidding the use of cannabis in some military occupations such as pilots due to the extreme physical and mental demands of this work.

On the other hand, a former defense judge of the military has assured both publicly and privately that prohibiting the use of cannabis in the army will be difficult once it has been legalized.

Even so, there is a general consensus that the legalization of recreational marijuana will not be a trigger that causes consumption statistics to shoot up within the army, simply that those who consume cannabis will be able to do so within a regulated framework, without having to hide it.

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