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Growing is the Atomik Seeds Blog section where we will talk about our plant roots, his forms and origins, we will talk how about cultural component is decisive when understanding and taking cannabis as medical or recreational way at different parts of the world and how the understanding of medical applications has change perception about this plant for many people.

  • How to grow cannabis outdoor: A must-read guide
    How to grow cannabis outdoor: A must-read guide
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    With the recent legalization of marijuana in many states across the world, cannabis-related activities and products started gaining immense popularity among people. From cultivating marijuana at home to using cannabis-infused food items and oils, renaming 2019 as the ‘year of cannabis’ should be the next course of action. If you’re the person who has the hankering to keep up with the current trends but find some products ridiculously priced, fret not, you can quickly grow cannabis at your...

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  • Six Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
    Six Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
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    The development of auto-flowering cannabis seeds revolutionized cannabis cultivation. However, despite the numerous positive reviews and attention, some individuals are still reluctant about it and are refraining from using the seeds. This might be because they have overlooked the numerous benefits that come with auto-flowering cannabis. What is auto-flowering cannabis, you ask? You can describe this cannabis strain as a type of Sativa that switch from the vegetative stage and automatically...

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  • How To Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds
    How To Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds
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     Cannabis has taken over the world in the past few years. Every day we have more proof, clinical trial results, user experience, proving its benefits which are positive steps towards better health. It has laid a strong hand in the medical arena and is slowly spreading towards various other sectors and applications. This is one of the reasons for ensuring that the quality of marijuana available is good and healthy.  Just like any other plant, the quality of cannabis we use completely depends...

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  • Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis
    Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis
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    The Cannabis plаnt is very diverse and very adaptive. It grows in every continent on the world, except Antarctica. It originally comes from Asia and researchers have pointed the region of central Asia as the birthplace of this plant. This region spreads along Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal…no wonder the some of the best weed and hash comes from there.

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