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Day by day more and more cheffs plunge into the taboo pool and offer their clients the opportunity to try menus in which, in some way, there is cannabis. It can be with or without THC, with CBD, smoked foods with cannabis, desserts with cannabis oil base and a long etc.

One of the reasons for the rise of this type of culinary initiatives is that the medical and recreational use of marijuana has been extended by some states of the United States as well as the perception that society has about cannabis thanks to its legalization . And so it has happened with cannabis cooking too, which has consequently made this almost unexplored culinary field much more interesting. We are no longer talking about boring and old edibles flavored with cannabis, or chocolate cakes or brownies with marijuana, or recipes that one can find online. We are talking about high level cuisine. Alchemy, gastronomy and extravagant dishes where cannabis is the star.

It is undeniable that day to day cannabis is going to take increasing relevance in gastronomy but not only haute cuisine, it will also do so in family gastronomy. It is a matter of time, because the organoleptic properties offered by this plant are truly varied depending on the treatment that is given to it. At Atomik Seeds we are confident that it will not be long before we can find oils and other cannabis-based products in all supermarket chains.

The fact that professionals from the gastronomic sector incorporate cannabis as a base for their cooking helps a lot to the fact that our favorite plant is destigmatizing.

Here you have a couple of notorious cases of chefs who have launched to conquer cannabis cuisine.

Chris Sayegh, in addition to having his own restaurant in California known as "The Herbal Cheff", has been the protagonist, until mid-2017, in a culinary series on a YouTube channel where, before start coocking, he consume marijuana in different formats with the guests of the program such as, for example, CBD jellies, vape a strain, smoke a joint, etc. As for the guests, usually influencers, they have to bring some ingredients so that the chef makes a recipe, only that Chris does not know what recipe it is and he has to improvise and try to imagine what recipe the guests had thought, normally it is not correct, but he get dishes that exceed the expectations of the original recipe. When seeing this series it is impossible not to laugh watching the naturalness with which they consume marijuana in a cooking program in front of the cameras. You can follow the latest news from Chris on his Instagram profile @the_herbal_chef

On the other hand, Andrea Drummer is a girl from a conservative family who started cooking with cannabis. Butters, oils and tinctures with an appropriate dose of cannabis. Elements used for cooking and for the diner to make them feel "elevated" or stoned. This cook at the Elevation VIP restaurant says she prefers to use the word elevate to refer to the sensation that cannabis leaves in our body. She cooks for different types of customers who, depending on their needs, prepares a different menu. "It is not the same to make a menu for a party than for a client who wants to consume my dishes for medicinal reasons, the approaches are different." Andrea Drummer does not use cannabis simply as another ingredient, cannabis is her life and she considers it much more than an ingredient. "I know they're going to criticize me, but this is why I want to be fort and do what I'm passionate about." Her Instagram profile is @food_elevated.

In short, two young promises of what can be a sweet prospect for the future of cannabis cooking.

Here we leave a link to the first chapter presented by Chris Sayegh.

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