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Canabis&” is a blog section where we wanto to introduce to you outstanding people related to cannabis world. Not only because of personal achievements or vital goals achieved in their career as people and professionals, but because of the prejudices, stigmas and urban myths that manage to collapse through studies, essays, acts of vindication, denunciations, publications and works that, directly or indirectly, end up affecting people all over the world in a positive way, have or do not have some kind of concern related to cannabis, getting them to change their perception of our favorite plant.

  • AtomikSeeds®. Soft Secrets interviews us.
    AtomikSeeds®. Soft Secrets interviews us.
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    Soft Secrets: When and how was Atomik Seeds born? Atomik Seeds: We had been a few years, more than twelve, making seeds for some of the best banks in Spain and Holland. With this experience and with classic genetics of great level, stabilized and improved, we decided to launch our own brand.

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  • Cannabis & David Nutt
    Cannabis & David Nutt
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    An investigation carried out by a team of renowned scientists in charge of David Nutt shows that in the United Kingdom, as well as in many other countries, there is no relationship between the classification of drugs and the damage they cause. So, could the damages caused by drugs be calculated, depending on the result, so that we can catalogue them? It is a complicated equation. This team of scientists has found 16 different ways in which drugs can harm society. Nine of them are damages...

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  • Dr. Danial Schecter.
    Dr. Danial Schecter.
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    Today we want to introduce you to Dr. Danial Schecter. Canadian doctor who has specialized in the therapeutic cannabis field. He was a resident at Mt Sinai Hospital through the University of Toronto as well as a Hospital Medicine grantee at Toronto Western Hospital through the same university. He completed a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in art history at McGill University in Montreal, where he was also a professor of the same subject for a time before diving directly into medicine...

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