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These cookies are used to enable us to provide enhanced functionality.

Some of the services of this website are provided by third parties. If you have an account, or use the services of these parties on other websites, then they may be able to know that you have visited our sites. The use of data collected through cookies by those third parties is subject to their own privacy policies.

Opting Out of Cookies

If you have any concerns about our use of cookies, you can take action to prevent them being set, including changing your browser settings to block certain types of cookies.

For detailed information on how to do this, look in your browser’s help information, or for an overview of the most common browsers, you can visit:

How to Manage Cookies or

Advertising companies also enable you to opt-out of receiving targeted advertising, if you would prefer to do so. This does not stop cookies being set, but it does stop these companies using and collecting some data. For more information and opt-out controls, please go to: Your Online Choices.

How can you configure or disable cookies?

You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer through the configuration options of your web browser. In the following links you have some information to configure or disable your cookies in each browser:





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