What Are The 5 Best Fertilizers For Growing Cannabis?

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With more and more studies and researchers advocating the benefits of cannabis and its importance, the demand for its derivatives, such as CBD oils, weed edibles, has soared in recent times. Many companies and corporations have come up with several cannabis-related products. You can readily buy hash online these days. From buying cannabis products online and at the local stores, the chain of both the demand and supply has become quite extensive. Potentially this has become a multi-billion dollar venture for many manufacturing and processing firms and companies. But all this depends on the constant supply of high-quality cannabis harvest. The natural cannabis plant has a very delicate harvesting cycle. It solely depends on the soil on which it is grown. With more and more types of fertilizers coming up on the market, it becomes crucial to choose the right class, which is suitable for the growth of cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants need specific minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, etc., for proper growth. With the right selection of the fertilizer, the output of the harvest can be maximized, keeping the quality of the produce at very high standards. Here are a few nutrients that one might deem essential pre-requisite for a high-quality cannabis harvest.

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1) Fox Farm trio formula

Keeping its high reputation, Fox farm has given its customers nothing short of a surprise, with state of the art nutrient formula at a very affordable cost. The product blends in with all the existing hydroponics so that essential elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus can seep in soil consistently. It is rich in all the essentials that cannabis requires, such as potassium, calcium, to name a few. The products are versatile to all types of strains and ensure proper healthy growth of the plant. The results have shown that the usage of these nutrients and fertilizers leads to the growth of bigger buds. The company boasts about the product requiring no prior experience for usage and administering and is nothing short of a beginner's tool for inexperienced farmers.

2) Hawaiian Bud plant by Growmore

This range of nutrients has helped farmers by helping them focus on bigger buds. The composition is rich in all the minerals and vitamins that cannabis needs. What makes this special is all the nutrients are from seaweed, such as metal EDTA derivatives and potassium phosphates, which top the list of the most beneficial chemicals required for plant growth. It is very rich in all organic and inorganic nutrients that the plants need for a good quality harvest. It is water-soluble and seeps very well into any type of soil. Due to which administering the nutrients to the plants becomes a straightforward and trivial job.

3) Element flower fuel plant

Giving out more potent flower buds is what element flower fuel does. It is a patented mixture of different organic chemicals and amino acids. The nutrient aims to make all the phases of the growth of the plant, from the germination to the harvest, very robust and healthy. The nutrient promises consistent growth through the entire cultivation and gives dense produce. It hones all the essential vitamins and is processed in such a way that it makes the buds grow more potent than the regular harvest. It also includes citric acid and monopotassium sulfate and is urea-free. Chemicals that can work in patching hydroponics and soil-based systems are also present so that it works in all sorts of environments.

4) Botanicare Growilla care

The Botanicare Growilla care is a rapid bud growth compost. It is made up of entirely organic composition keeping cannabis safe from harmful chemicals such as lead and tin derivatives. Unlike all other conventional plant food sources, it serves as a rich source of earthworm casting and guano, both of which are extensively rich in nitrogen and phosphorus-based organic compounds necessary for dense produce. It can be used recursively with many different growing mediums such as coco, soilless, and various soil systems. It is recommended if one seeks to cultivate cannabis indoors. It contains all the essential derivatives one would need for excellent plant growth.

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5) Bio thrive plant food

Cannabis plants have specific compounds that make them generate the cannabinoids present inside them. All the essential minerals one would need for rich cannabinoids to be present within the plant are readily available in Bio Thrive plant food. The nutrient formulae boost a vegan-based diet to the plants and thrive with an excellent track record of a healthy plant harvest. Mineral extracts such as magnesium and calcium-based phosphates and nitrates benefit the roots at a micro-level and give the plant a good blossom. It is very much compatible with all the hydroponics and pot-based systems. Hence, it is a good option even for farmers who want to grow cannabis on a small scale.

The extent that these nutrients can reinforce the plants for high quality and potent harvest might vary. However, these nutrients have undoubtedly engineered promise for good quality produce and dense harvest.

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