5 Best tasting Ca­nnabis strains this year


As the cannabis revolution picks your attention, more users are interested to know about the various options they can try. But one of the biggest concerns of cannabis users has always been the smell and flavors. While many users tend to enjoy the taste of cannabis, the first thought about the plant that comes to new user`s minds is a skunk, pungent flavor that may not be entirely pleasing. If you are worried about having to tolerate the pungent smell and the earthy flavors of cannabis, then it is time to bid farewell to this stress and explore some of the boldest and enticing flavors of cannabis strains that have impeccable taste. Nature blessed these strains with terpenes that promise to give you a flavourful experience with cannabis like you have never experienced before. The tones of floral, fruity, and spicy delegate your taste buds with a whole new experience with cannabis.


  1. Love potion: Staying true to its name, this hybrid between G-13 and Columbian Gold strains has elite genetics that delivers a spectacular profile of flavors. The strain is enriched with fine hints of herbal, citrus, and spices and has energy-boosting properties that give a refreshing high to the users. The strain is named love potion, for it has stimulating effects. Users often share that it gives an intense physical experience during intimacy, making it the right choice for your sexual escapades. It helps get rid of chronic stress, fatigue, and anxiety and gives an uplifting feeling. The flavor palate of the strain also includes a skunk and sour base that compliments the bold citrus and spices tone. Love potion strain is a Sativa dominant variety with THC levels between 15-18%. The sweet and sticky resin spots on the buds with white trichomes emit a vibe of tangy lemon when you consume. The buds come with neon nugs and a fierce orange hairy texture that makes it pleasing to your eyes too.

      2. Tangerine dream: The hue of the citrusy aroma and flavors that inhibits   this strain is a marvelous combination to cherish for every cannabis lover. The strain comes with a slightly high concentration of THC as compared to CBD and is one of the best varieties to consume to enjoy a deep and intense trip. The cerebral high in the case of this strain is spontaneous and hits immediately after consuming. The sweet aroma of the terpenes exudes citrus dominated fruity smell that is relaxing and wonderful. The strain delivers a complex layer of flavors of tangerine, spicy, fruity, sour, a touch of apple and orange to make it one of the most unique and brightly flavored strains you will ever come across.


Tangerine Dream is a dream come true with the perfect balance of Indica and Sativa characteristics. It brings with it the amazing relaxation properties of Indica that will calm your body and mind, along with some energy-boosting chemicals from the Sativa variety. The strain is one of the easiest to grow for both novice as well as master growers and is flexible for variations in environmental parameters. For keeping the strain’s effect for a long time, make sure you incorporate the best way to store your cannabis stash.

3. Sugar Black Rose: This strain is the epitome of floral flavors that dominates your taste buds with enchanting hints of sweet and refreshing notes. The entire flavor profile of this strain spreads over its pungent base, but the relaxation and soothing aroma of pine and lemon promise to deliver a feeling like no other. The strain has amazing relaxing properties that slowly lulls the users to a calm and comfortable state of mind. The hints of musky earth complement the bright and refreshing lemon. These flavors encompassed by the delicate notes of sweet candy and floral hints make it an impeccable blend of the best flavors. Sugar Black Rose is a hybrid variety with an Indica dominant descent. It derives from a mixture of Black Domina and Critical mass and is a commercially potent plant that delivers high yield in a short flowering duration. The strain also comes with a heavy THC concentration that promises a psychedelic effect that is out of the world for the users. It is a perfect partner to accompany you during a calm evening to relax and rejoice.

4. Big Buddha Cheese: Cheese makes everything incredible. It can simply elevate the flavors in any recipe with ease, and that is pretty much the effect it has on cannabis strains too. Cannabis cheese strains are a huge craze among weed lovers who cherish the way these two delicious ingredients blend. But the thing about cheese strains is that many people do not like the dank cheese smell to surround them while they consume their favorite plant. But Big Buddha Cheese is, in fact, an exception to this reservation among cannabis lovers that releases the fragrance of ripe cheese that is simply mind-blowing.


It is a carefully crossed variety between UK Cheese and Afghani Indica that brings subtle tones of tropical fruits to the cheesy base. The hints of herb complimenting the fresh cheese aroma are captivating and will leave you drooling for more. It bids goodbye to have to tolerate the stinky cheese strains and instead gives you a much enjoyable experience. The strain causes a euphoric effect in users and can be a great choice before starting a creative project.

5. Sunshine: True to its name, this strain is a blissful union of flavors that will open your mind on dark days and fill it with positive vibes. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is the best choice to benefit users suffering from pain, nausea, and appetite loss. The primary terpene composition includes pinene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, nerolidol, and fenchol. This perfect mixture causes a dominant trace of lemon and pine in the flavor profile accompanied by a parade of fruity flavors and earthy tones. It comes with about 25% THC concentration that gives an intense high. This strain can serve the purpose of relieving muscle cramps, pain, and discomfort and also adds energy to the user. Users often compliment that the flavors, along with the cannabinoids, help elevate focus and cerebral thinking. It is best suited for use during problem-solving scenarios or when you are on your creative endeavors. The strain takes over ten weeks for flowering. Yet, the potent benefits possible from this strain makes it a user favorite.

A few other scrumptious strains to treat yourself include Strawberry Cough, True OG, Somango, Fruit Spirit, Fat Banana, Pineapple Kush, Candy Kush, Crystal Candy, California Orange, Green Gelato. These strains promise to give you a truly refreshing experience with cannabis in a unique way like never before.

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