Top 6 Cannabis Strains For Meditation

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In today's stressful life, one finds it extremely difficult to relax or find peace. However, various studies suggest that meditation is beneficial in such cases. It is one of the best ways to relax and destress oneself. However, the fact that cannabis and meditation go hand in hand is something that most people might not know. Since ancient times, people in various parts of the world have used marijuana for religious and spiritual purposes, especially for helping them in meditation. Cannabis can be useful both for silent mindful meditation at home or for developing mind-body connections during a yoga class. It can help users to improve their meditative skills, deal with emotional upheavals, and relax more easily.

What is Cannabis?

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Cannabis is divided into three species known as Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Different parts of this plant are used for various benefits and effects. Cannabis contains a multitude of active ingredients like flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes, which are medically beneficial to humans. The two most well-known cannabis compounds are THC and CBD, and both of them have a wide range of medicinal and recreational use.

What is a Cannabis Strain?

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Although the plant originated in Central Asia, it is now cultivated all over the world. Cultivators in different parts of the world selectively breed these plants to suit their needs, thus giving rise to different strains. Over the years, these variations within the cultivars began to develop specifically in different parts of the world. We call these variations landrace strains. The process of hybridization helps in creating thousands of different named varieties that one consumes today.

How does Cannabis Boost your Meditation Practice?

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Sometimes during meditation, a person might be too stressed or anxious to meditate properly. Meditation requires a person to let go of all their woes and focus on their breathing. Cannabis medicines such as capsules, oils, etc. can be useful in such cases. Lighting up a potent strain just before meditation allows a person to calm down and let go of all their thoughts. According to one study, Cannabis is useful for increasing mental focus and reducing stress and anxiety. With time, it helps the user to become more patient and relax more easily through meditative means.

The human body is full of cannabinoid receptors, and cannabis triggers those areas which control our behavior, moods, and thoughts. Scientifically speaking, when the cannabinoids present in cannabis interact with the receptors in our brain, it produces a feeling of calmness, euphoria, etc.

Which are the Best Cannabis Strains for Meditation?

Different cannabis strains have different characteristics and therefore used for various purposes. However, some of them are extremely good for meditation and relaxation. Given below are the six best cannabis strains that one can use to enhance their meditative sessions:

  • Blue Dream

This hybrid strain is famous because of the mellow feeling that it generates in the user. Blue Dream helps to balance out an unpleasant mood that might prevent the user from meditating in peace or finding calm during the process. It creates a very calm but potent buzz that eases both the mind and body of the user. It has relatively high THC content ranging between 17% to 24%. The CBD levels range between 2% to 1%.

This strain helps the user to relax and unwind during meditation.

  • Headband

This strain is beneficial for people who suffer from general anxiety and cannot stop thinking about the future or even the past. It contains an average of 20-27% THC. Headband strain improves mindfulness during meditation and helps the user to refocus their attention and straying thoughts. It makes the user aware of the present moment and reduces all forms of tension, making them calm. So one can buybudnow and reap the benefits instantly.

  • Northern Lights

This strain is beneficial during meditation when the user wants to focus on deep breathing. It helps the user to breathe with ease and makes them feel euphoric and pleasantly dreamy. Northern Lights contain 95% Indica and 5 % Sativa, making it the purest Indica strain. The THC levels range between 16-21%. It’s CBD content is not high enough to be used as a medication. However, one can use this strain to get rid of any kind of unwanted thoughts during a meditative session and focus one's attention almost effortlessly.

  • Sour Jack

This strain helps the user to attain a blissful level where they can start appreciating all the various little things in their life. It has a nice lemony taste and works great for people who like bright flavors. It contains about 22% THC and 0.22% CBD. During a meditation session, based on developing gratitude, this strain can reduce symptoms of stress and depression, make the user feel cheerful, and allow them to see the brighter side of life.

  • Green Crack

This strain helps in increasing energy and focus and also helps in boosting the mind of the user. It has a lightly sweet and citrusy flavor and acts as a perfect companion for creative visualization during meditation. It helps the user to clear their heads and refocus their thoughts in one direction. This strain contains about 16% THC, which allows the user to feel uplifted at all times. It will make the user feel more inspired, invigorated, and motivated- causing a shift in the regular stressful perspective.

  • Laughing Buddha

This Cannabis strain is a cross between two different types of Cannabis Strains- The Jamaican Strain and the Thai Strain. It has a characteristic sweet and fruity smell, along with a hint of spice in it. It has a high THC content of 22% but a low CBD content of only 1.6%. It burns with a rich and pungent smoke that makes the consumer feel happy and upbeat. Laughing Buddha can bring out the feeling of lightheartedness and deep contemplation in a person and facilitate meditation. It can make the users giggle even if they are suffering from depression. This strain helps increase positivity and reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.

Meditation is an essential part of our modern life, and cannabis makes the process easier. One can make use of different cannabis strains at various times to reap its benefits. In general, these strains can inspire creativity while also improving productivity in a person.




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