Essential Things to Keep in Mind while Growing Marijuana

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Planting marijuana is not an intricate process, and anybody can do it. However, growing a successful plant to harvest requires time and sufficient resources.

Also, plants, including marijuana, are subject to various threats, such as small bugs, lack of water, nutrient deficiency, and animals that might ruin them. Therefore, you need to address those issues and have the utmost dedication to grow marijuana successfully.

Whether marijuana or vegetables, homegrown plants provide you with purity and freshness. It is such quality that motivates cannabis enthusiasts to grow marijuana and ditch the challenging hassle of looking for preferred high-quality strains.

Bearing that in mind, here are essential things to keep in mind while growing marijuana:

Use quality marijuana seeds

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Marijuana strains make vast differences when it comes to your harvest. Thus, choose a strain that best fit your resources. A plant having quality genes might set a solid base for everything else. Typically, even with extra efforts, a plant with bad genes will not grow better.

It is advisable to do your homework well to choose the best strain. Also, avoid growing from a clone, instead start with the seeds. Usually, it is easy for a clone to get pest infections or develop diseases. Buy marijuana seeds with potent qualities to enjoy good cultivation.

Growing methods

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There are various ways to grow marijuana, and the most suitable method for you depends on your commitment, time, and circumstances.One can go through the guide on harvesting weed for more information about proper harvesting.

The methods include:

  • Plain dirt – is the traditional way of growing anything. Thus, you need to grow the marijuana the same way you plant other plants. However, ensure to utilize good soil, fertilize the plants properly, and water them as needed.

  • Rock wool/ coco fiber – a method that utilizes inert medium instead of using soil. Therefore, it does come with quality issues like when using ordinary soil.

  • Hydroponic – a method of growing marijuana without using soil. Typically, you use a mineral nutrient solution. It is an expensive method since you require pumps, reservoirs, and troughs.

  • Aeroponics – a method where you grow roots in plain air while a mesh basket holds the plants. You then spray the fertilizer and water over the roots.

The good thing is that all these methods can yield good results, as long as you feed the plants well and ensure to address other issues.

Prepare the growing place and ensure proper airflow

Growing marijuana successfully requires adequate planning. Thus, decide the size of your operation before planting since you may end up planting too many plants in an inadequate space. Crowded plants will compete for light, and nutrients, and they might not do so well as you want.

Keep the grow space clean because cannabis is susceptible to diseases. Therefore, keeping the area clean might prevent the development of any bugs. You can achieve this by washing your hands and cleaning the tools each time before handling the plants.

Also, ensure proper airflow as it helps prevent various problems as follows:

  • It defends against some bugs, such as spider mites and fungus.

  • It helps prevent bud rot and mold.

  • It strengthens the stems of the plants.

  • It speeds the plants’ growth rate.

Excellent airflow, therefore, enables you to have strong, healthy plants for better yields.

Soil and fertilizer management

Quality natural soil might be sufficient and may provide the plants with essential nutrients and supplements. You may not require additional additives if you use quality soil, and if you need to add some, it will be during the last phases of the growth of the plant.

Avoid adding too much fertilizer to the plants since it may burn the plants, harm the leaves, and weaken the plants generally. Also, ensure to utilize fertilizer from a reputable company and do thorough research before purchase.

Growing lights

Various types of lights are available for your marijuana, and they are:

  • Fluorescent – are popular lights for propagation, semi-hardy, over-wintering, early vegetative growth, and tender plants. You can find them as daisy-chainable, single strips, as well as in panel collections. The most popular type is the T5 fluorescents.

  • HID (high-intensity discharge) – grow lights for general purpose, mainly suitable for the indoor plants since they are efficient and can produce intensive lights indoors.

  • Plasma – are growing lights that are relatively new and expensive for many consumers. They offer high efficiency than high-intensity discharge, have longer lamp life, provide improved output spectrum mainly for vegetative growth, and suffer less depreciation.

  • LED (light-emitting diode) – are suitable to supplement the range of your existing grow lights to steer plants into flowering and fruiting stages. A study shows that LED has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, narrow spectral emissions, adjustable light intensity, and long lifespan.

The right time to harvest

After several weeks of waiting, you might be impatient and start harvesting your marijuana too early. Wait until the plants stop growing pistils (new, white hairs). At this time, you probably have some weeks to harvest.

Drying is another crucial step that most people might neglect as they claim to be too busy. Proper drying and curing of the buds can enhance their potency, provide more aromatic, and lead to better appearance. Make sure to dry your buds nicely without having to rush the process. Then, cure them in jars or containers for about a month.


Growing cannabis is exciting and fulfilling since you will have the most suitable strain for your needs. Therefore, it enables you to have a sufficient supply of the plant and use it whenever you want.

For improved results, you can also get information from experienced people and a trusted company like getkush. They might help you to remember the cannabis strain that does well, depending on your resources and other general information about taking care of the plants.

However, remember that their situations, growth style, and environment may not be exactly like yours. Thus, take time to know how different their situation is from yours. Scrutinizing such circumstances helps you make a prudent decision.

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