Six Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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The development of auto-flowering cannabis seeds revolutionized cannabis cultivation. However, despite the numerous positive reviews and attention, some individuals are still reluctant about it and are refraining from using the seeds. This might be because they have overlooked the numerous benefits that come with auto-flowering cannabis.

What is auto-flowering cannabis, you ask? You can describe this cannabis strain as a type of Sativa that switch from the vegetative stage and automatically gets to the flowering stage. The plants do not require constant lighting to get to that stage, unlike the photoperiod strains. It sounds impressive, right?

 In this article, we will be looking at the top benefits or reasons to consider auto-flowering seeds.

1. Autoflowering Cannabis Allow Early Harvesting

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have a shorter life cycle compared to other strains. Most of the photoperiodic cannabis strains take up to four months before they are ready for harvesting while auto-flowering takes you approximately 8 to 10 weeks after germination and you are good to go. This is a great advantage, especially if you are into cannabis for business because you get to reopen soon and you can enjoy the fruits of these buds. This applies to both indoor and outdoor auto-flowering strains.

However, you should note that the indoor strains take far less time before they are ready for harvesting. If you are speculating on which Sativa strains you should plant, then you should consider the auto-flowering Sativa and enjoy the fast growth.

2. Get To Harvest Them At Any Time Of The Year

Other than the fast results and sooner reap, auto-flowering buds let you enjoy your harvests at any time of the year. There is no specific season for harvesting, which is excellent as it means that you will never go dry. These seeds do not depend on light cycles to start flowering. This means that they will be present all year round and you can enjoy multiple harvests.

This feature makes the plant stand out unlike other kinds of Sativa where you need to fit all your produce in one season or two at most. Great news with auto-flowering strains is that you no longer have to worry about seasonal changes or light cycle management.

3. You Will Love The Size

Sometimes it can be hard to control a plant, especially if you are doing indoor cultivation due to height. That is not the case with autoflowering strains. Ideally, the plants do not exceed 1.2m in height,  is quite a manageable height. It is advantageous both for outdoor and indoor growers.

If you wish to cultivate your cannabis inside, it will work best as it can easily fit in cupboards, and if you plan on growing it outdoors and looking for a well-hidden plantation, this should be your go-to solution. You can even plant it on your balcony an there will be no interruptions.

The plant provides you with a great deal of discretion and stealth, which makes grow room management seamless. Their height can also make them the best for those who wish to venture in Sativa plantation but lack enough space for it.

4. Fast and Seamless Growing

These seeds have some Ruderalis genetics in them, which makes it much easier and quicker to grow them. You do not have to undergo much hassle, and you do not need to be an expert in Sativa cultivation to venture in autoflowering cannabis seed plantation.

For starters, seasonal light changes don't affect them. This means you don’t need to get artificial light to keep the light schedule intact. What’s more? These plants are resilient and tolerant to colder climates, and so you can relax at all times, even during winter. Ruderalis is known for being tolerant of the harshest environmental conditions, and this is something that autoflowering hybrids have adopted.

Additionally, they are resistant to cold, pests, and diseases, and this means that you don’t need to monitor them all the time, unlike other breeds. They also require minimum attention, no hassle, and fewer resources. For these reasons, autoflowering cannabis is the best for beginner growers who wish to venture in cannabis cultivation and trying to master their skills before they can shift to the picky breeds.

5. Suitable for Discrete and Stealth Growing

This advantage goes hand in hand with the manageable height benefit. As mentioned, their height does not exceed 1.2m, thus the best for both indoor and outdoor planting. Outdoor growers, especially want to keep their strains from curious neighbors, thieves or even from the law. If you go for a 2.5m long Sativa, things might not end well for you. Such are hard to keep discrete and autoflowering strain comes in as the rightful solution.

Which such suitable heights, you can hide them in between other plantations such as tomatoes, and no one will realize that they are there. You can also plant them on your terrace or balcony, and nobody will suspect. The seeds have other exciting characteristics, and generally, they all describe it as the best for stealth and discrete growth.

 6. No Light Hassles

This is probably the most significant benefit and the reason why people prefer autoflowering cannabis seeds. As the name suggests, they are autoflowering, which means that they produce flowers independently without the need for factors such as light. You no longer have to go through the hassle of switching on lights when it gets dark and looking for sources of light once you have a power outage just to keep up with the plants’ blooming period. These plants will thrive even with 24 hours of no lights, and you still get to enjoy the harvests.

These are the top advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Choosing this plant means you get to enjoy fast growth, early harvest time, and less hassle and resources needed. Good news is that now you can get Ontario weed online where you get a variety of strains and a chance to look for the best strain before embarking on your next biggest journey to owning a Sativa plantation. You will undoubtedly get good results and numerous benefits from these hybrid strains.



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