How To Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds

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 Cannabis has taken over the world in the past few years. Every day we have more proof, clinical trial results, user experience, proving its benefits which are positive steps towards better health. It has laid a strong hand in the medical arena and is slowly spreading towards various other sectors and applications. This is one of the reasons for ensuring that the quality of marijuana available is good and healthy.

 Just like any other plant, the quality of cannabis we use completely depends on the agricultural practices. Growing high-quality cannabis plants needs to start from fundamentals, like choosing the best quality seeds. Bad quality seeds can render the entire lot for harvest useless and hence identifying the winning seeds is important. The right kind and quality of seeds can help you reap the benefits of high-quality marijuana in no time. But is it possible to know the quality from its appearance? Well, this guide will walk you through the various characteristics to look for while choosing seeds to pick the best quality.

Male and Female Flowers

 Digging into the basics of the cannabis plant can help us determine the right type of seeds for high-quality harvest. Cannabis is a dioecious plant where the male and female reproductive organs are present in different individuals.  Medicinal marijuana with high potency, which is seedless is from female flowers. The female plants are grown separately in environments away from the male plants. Some varieties also give both male and female flowers under certain conditions. This is a hermaphrodite condition. This situation is ideal for pollination and eventually for creating more seeds.

Are feminized seeds a good choice?

 Feminized seeds refer to seeds which grow under the hermaphrodite condition. This process can give high-quality yield only under certain self-pollination conditions. If not, this could cause hermaphrodite seeds in the produce, which makes them less valuable. The flowers will contain seeds within them, which is not desirable. Feminized seeds pose the problem that the absence of male species to pollinate reduces the seeds available for next harvest. This is a huge problem when the breeder wants to grow a selected species of cannabis. Hence, on a large scale, feminized seeds may not be the right choice for breeding.

What about Auto-flowering seeds?

 Auto-flowering seeds refer to cross-breed seeds. These are seeds that start blooming immediately after reaching maturity. Most cannabis varieties except Ruderalis start flowering after the photoperiod or the time when exposed to light in a day. Ruderalis starts flowering only after reaching maturity. This type of cross breeds makes the seeds viable for usage in cold and wet climatic areas. Auto-flowering seeds get planted during early spring to utilize the long summers for complete harvest. These are, in fact, the most desired type of seeds commonly used in the market by breeders for a better and early harvest. Ontario, cannabis seeds are of high quality and high yield.

Physical Characteristics

 1. Color and Texture: One of the easiest indications about the quality of any product is the color. High quality produces always has a certain color and texture to it that qualifies it for consumption. They have a certain aesthetic quality. This makes them healthy in comparison to the rest of the seeds. Always look for seeds which are brown, grey or black in color.  These indicate that the seeds are mature. Look for spots or dark lines on the seeds. Seeds with dark spots or stripes are among the healthiest.  The texture should be smooth and should show a sheen on the surface when held under a light. High-quality seeds look like freshly coated in wax.

 Avoid seeds which are green, yellow, orange, white or pale-colored, as they are prone to be immature.

2. Size and Hardness: In general, slightly bigger seeds are better in comparison to small ones. These seeds facilitate the optimum development of the plant. The chances of sprouting are higher in this case. But there is no particular size guide that one needs to follow to pick the right ones. Choose seeds which are large and look symmetrical or are of a teardrop shape. Look for the tiger stripes on these seeds to segregate the high-quality ones.

 With respect to how the seeds feel, it is important to pick out firm ones from the lot. High-quality marijuana seeds are firm to touch and do not crack so easily. They do not have irregularities on the surface and have a smooth finish. You can place the seed between your thumb and index finger and squeeze it to know if the seeds are uniformly firm. These seeds can produce high-grade varieties such as MK ultra.

 Avoid using cracked seeds or seeds of irregular shape. These are prone to be immature or of bad quality.

  1. Aging: Like most organic compound seeds also have an expiry date. Using within the expiry period ensures you get high quality produce. Seeds can last up to 16 weeks without losing its potency.  The expiry period depends on preservation methods. Freshly harvest seeds are the best choice for improving the chance of germination.  The genetic material within these seeds are young, and hence are more viable. Ensure that the seeds are completely mature when harvested. Store these seeds in a dark and cold place and keep away from formation of mold on the surface. The seeds should not get exposed to extreme temperature conditions. The float test can help you find viable seeds from the rest. Drop the seeds in pure water before planting. Choose only seeds which sink to the bottom. They have higher mass, and the probability for germination is more in this case.

Avoid using old seeds stored for a long time. Processes such as freezing can also reduce the chances of proper germination in the seeds. This is because freezing could cause rupture within the seed.

CBD or THC rich seeds

 The two cannabidiols of interest to the world today are THC and CBD, both derived from marijuana. They both have healing benefits and are useful in varying situations. Currently, the interest in CBD rich products is increasing as they do not have psychoactive effects. This interest makes CBD rich varieties desirable by breeders.

 Seeds used for hemp production currently are of high CBD and low THC ratio.  But there is no means as such for ensuring that these seeds will also produce CBD rich or CBD only plants. Such consistency is only possible after various stages of breeding and will take a while from now.  Currently, seeds need to be tested after germination to know if it has a higher CBD concentration. 

Experienced vs Amateurs

 Unfertilized female plants produce the highest yields. Only people who have experienced cannabis agriculture have a good hold of how to pick and use a mixture of both male and female plants efficiently. Otherwise going for unfertilized is the safest choice. Trying such mixtures without following the right practices and techniques could only lead to loss of yield and inadvertent fertilization. Hence it is best to leave such mixed breeding to the experienced.

 Crossbreeding random male and female flowers will result in low-quality cannabis seeds. These occupy most of the market today. Such breeding practices cause loss of qualities in the strain and become of low value. The highest quality seeds come from interbreeding. This accentuates the best qualities of the strains.  Inbred lines of seeds are only a small portion of the entire cannabis seeds market, and hence it is important to identify them while buying. Go for trusted cannabis buyers and breeders to get hold of such rich seeds for your breeding.

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