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Interview with Atomik Seeds

We interviewed the bank Atomik Seeds, who told us about their parenting philosophy.

Soft Secrets: When and how was Atomik Seeds born?

Atomik Seeds:

We had been a few years, more than twelve, making seeds for some of the best banks in Spain and Holland. With this experience and with classic genetics of great level, stabilized and improved, we decided to launch our own brand.

What do you want to contribute to the cannabis world?

Our philosophy is to offer seeds that we all know: Widow, Skunk, Critical, Haze, Blueberry, etc. Classics that we have improved during years of selection and that we can offer at really competitive prices. We think that it is not necessary to search for exotic names to distinguish when what really matters is the result. In that we trust, in that our clients know that we are not going to sell them smoke very well packaged, but the opposite; simplicity and quality is what we are looking for.

So, do you only have classics in your bank?

No, we also want to contribute our bit with our own crosses and there we have the Atomika, a variety of which we feel very proud, we say that it lives up to its name and is true. Now we are working on another seed that we hope to present next season. We like to go slow but sure, of course that no one expects four or five news from us each year, it is not our philosophy. Stabilizing a variety well and reaching the quality levels we are looking for is not something that can be done so quickly, we take our time.

Feminised or do you also work autoflowering?

We have two cars in the catalog and we are working on another one that we will launch soon. Auto Bud comes out of a Critical and Auto Haze of a Haze, as you will see we do not break our heads very much with the names, (laughs). What matters is the result. The same is because we are from the north (laughs).

Since you mention it, do you recommend any variety for your climate?

Sure, the Blueberry AK is an early junction that holds humidity very well and expresses itself in fullness outdoors. Depending on the temperature and other factors, it usually takes cyan or violet tones that make it beautiful.

And for indoor, what would be your recommendation?

Atomika is a great choice for those looking for a very productive variety with sativa dominance. It is a cross between elite clones of two of the best varieties of all time; Northern Lights and Jack Herer. A marvel, but also the White Widow, a classic that we all know and that we have perfected for many years and that we can offer at a price of demolition. Or the Atomik Haze, a highly stabilized and overproducing Silver Haze, highly recommended for those who like the "Haze" flavor.

And for extractions?

Anyone, because they all produce a lot of glass, but Blue Cheese gives a very special flavor. We have also tried the Atomik Haze in Dry Ice and in addition to a magnificent return it leaves you an exquisite palate.

You are currently making a very powerful offer.

Yes, we want everyone to know our varieties and for that we have designed a campaign with you, Soft Secrets, where we will offer our seeds 2x1 for a few months and, also, according to the amount of the purchase, we give out T-shirts and, above all , an aluminum super grinder that any smoker will like to have at your table. That now, later there will be more gifts and promotions, we will not stop until we know the whole cannabis world.

What guarantees do you offer for those who do not know you?

All, especially because we produce all our seeds that are subject to a careful selection and packaging process and always at hand. We know the result because we are cultivators. In terms of germination, we guarantee 100% results. If any seed does not germinate, we replenish it without any cost to the client.

Do you want to add something to finish the interview?

Yes, to thank so many people who have collaborated in this exciting project that is Atomik Seeds and above all to the users of our seeds that we hope will not stop growing. Thanks to everyone, also to you the Soft Secrets team, we hope to continue to see you through these pages for a while (laughs).

Also a wish. Let's see if once we advance in the normalization of our favorite vegetable.

The social majority is in favor of improving in this sense, but those who legislate forget the more than five million cannabis users in Spain and continue to treat us as if we were unprepared people to be protected or worse, as criminals . It's good, it's time to move forward. And it is urgent.

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